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Our Technology

PU Sole

Foot comfort predominantly relies upon the contact of your sole with the ground. The resilience, grip, and flexibility are all dependent upon the material of the sole. No matter how comfortable a sandal is, a poor sole can mar the amenity.

We use the premium kind of material to produce our soles. Polyurethane is undoubtedly the cardinal choice of people when it comes to footwear. This adoration from the customers has made PU our number one choice as well when it comes to creating sandals. 

Lightweight, durability, breathability, and comfort are some qualities that are found in benchmark footwear. Fortunately, all these features are present in the PU sole of our sandals.

The PU sole in our sandals ensures resistance against abrasion and remarkable flexibility. The kind of sole we provide is perfect for people belonging to different occupations, whether it’s a field job, remote or desk job.

The rubber-like material of Aerosoft sandals provides eternal comfort and nestles the feet like a dream. The soft feeling is unprecedented which keeps the feet at ease all day long. Abrasion-resistant PU is durable as well. When its waterproof and breathable features are combined with the resilient exterior, it is capable of some mercurial things. PU sandals at Aerosoft footwear cradle your feet without molding or changing their preliminary shape which allows you to wear them for months and years. This quality certainly makes Aerosoft footwear a cost-effective and economically smart option.

Toe Reflexology

Many old practices and rituals have proven to be mere myths. However, foot massage is something that is found to have an exceptionally positive impact on human health. Toe reflexology is a cutting-edge version of primordial foot massages that have been inspired by Chinese and Swedish culture from 5,000 years ago. Foot massage is essentially grounded around the toe area where certain pressure points are massaged to release pain in different parts of the body. We have incorporated this ancient technique into our sandals in the form of toe reflexology.

Aerosoft footwear has a toe area that is embossed with domes and contours to target the pressure points. Our sandals are based on ancient practices such as chi or qi (flow of energy) that target and massage all the right spots throughout the day. This practice is not only known for its physical aid but soulful benefits as well.

The toe reflexology technology does not only help with foot pain but is extremely beneficial for minor ailments, stress, improving blood circulation, increasing energy, and keeping your toes at ease throughout the day. Our sandals with toe reflexology are perfect for pregnant women as they help with releasing pressure on their legs and feet. If you struggle with body posture issues due to weight gain, toe reflexology will do wonders for your health.


Orthotic Insole

A multitude of health conditions results from wearing inapt sandals. It is best to avoid sandals that are ill-fitted, have vague footbed, rigid surfaces, and opt for orthotic friendly sandals. Aerosoft footwear brings you sandals that are good for your podiatric health while being fashion-forward. There is no need to squander money on buying orthotic inserts to achieve perpetual comfort. Our sandals have orthotic insoles already mounted within them to cater to your foot health.

The complex structure of the foot requires complex attention. A nebulous insole with no niceties and detailing can never provide your feet with the incumbent care and attention. Our sandals have an insole that is elaborated and intricate. The structure tends to every muscle of your feet enabling you to amble around, nonchalantly.

The orthotic insole of our footwear is meant to relieve foot pain and minimize the risk of foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, corn, calluses, sprains, erred body posture. The therapeutic insole and enthralling upper are a combination made in heaven.

Fine Threading

The secret behind the Aerosoft footwear durable sandals is our tear-proof technology. With the PU sole of Aerosoft footwear and fine threading, you don’t have to walk the tough path of life alone. Our footwear will accompany you on every step and make the bumpy ride easier. Each part of our sandal is adjoined with another with a thread as tough as a nail. The exotic combination of PU sole and fine threading exudes excellence and finesse. This subtlety will not only accentuate your outfit but make you feel confident in your skin. We have used the kind of thread that won’t chafe the skin and feels soft. The long-wearing Aerosoft footwear with its premium and tear-proof fine threading is going to see many summers with you!