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People have different medial arches. Whether you have a high arch that is prone to under pronation due to its lack of flexibility, or low arch that is predisposed to over-pronation, or a medium arch, the inclusive collection of Aerosoft comfort is for all. The anatomically developed sandals are effectuated with a powerful footbed that is different for every sandal.

For people with fallen feet, we recommend buying sandals that have motion control. People with normal arches should buy our stable sandals whereas those with high arches should consider buying sandals with cushion soft footbeds. Find the perfect match for your arch and cater to your feet with Aerosoft footwear that is available for all kinds of arches in beguiling designs and colors.

Heel Cup

Our sandals are equipped with different types of heel cups suited for different types of feet. Comprising of the medium and deep heel cup, the sandals at Aerosoft footwear are impeccable. The medium heel cup in our sandals is not too deep neither too flat. It cups the heel just perfectly, keeping it safe all day long. The heel helps with a smooth stride and posture.

Whereas, the deep heel cup sandals are responsible for the wellbeing of the hindfoot. The deep heel has a shape in the form of a cup providing maximum protection and comfort. The serene comfort of our sandals fit each foot like a dream. Your heel will be nestled in the deep cup and remain at ease for hours. If you are someone who suffers from supination, buy a sandal with a deep heel cup, it will align your feet with ankle, hips, and knee. This alignment will help your body stabilize and aid with pronation and supination. A well-developed heel cup will also slump the foot pain. We also promote low but thick heels. When it combines with a deep heel cup adds an effervescent effect to your walk.


The complex structure of a human foot has certain pressure points that help in reducing pain if massaged regularly. We have used this piece of information in creating some of the best orthotic-friendly sandals that comprise domes. These domes are planted on a different parts of our shoes to serve various purposes. All three domes are there for orthotic purposes.

Microfiber domesScattered on the stage of footwear, microfiber domes work their magic on the sole of your feet. The small domes are inflated and feel soft against the skin. These domes are placed strategically around the stage on spots that target the right pressure points of the feet. The round and soft structure of these domes massage your feet all day long.

  • Therapeutic domes

Located on the insole of the sandals, these domes are extremely pivotal for a smooth tread. Fairly large therapeutic domes are sculpted in a way that they heighten the grip of the outsole on the rough surfaces. These domes will not only enable you to wear these sandals to your hiking extravaganzas, but they add a confident and smooth effect to your walk.

  • Metatarsal domes

Installed in the top middle section of the sandals, the metatarsal domes are there to provide support to all-day, active people. The metatarsal arch is a pivotal transverse arch whose support is extremely crucial for athletic people. With the lack of support, the arch falls prey to injuries as it is adequately sensitive. The pain in the ball of the foot is usually caused because of aggression in the metatarsal arch. This aggravation of the muscles can be avoided by wearing footwear that provides metatarsal support.


Toe bar 

The orthotic feature of our sandals have embossed and speckled toe spots and a viable toe bar. The embossed toe area provides foot massage all day long and helps with foot placement. People with sensitive or itchy toes will find our sandals extremely convenient due to the area that cradles your toe. The open and breezy structure allows the air to keep your feet dry. Raised toe area completes Aerosoft comfort orthotic sandals. Our sandals have a high toe area which provides freedom of movement reducing pressure on sensitive points.

All our sandals support a wide toe area that, when it is combined with their height, making them the absolute impeccable footwear. The toe post, thong, and T-strap sandals are breezy and expansive enabling the toes to breathe and prevent the toes from getting sweaty.

Cushion Footbed

Slip into the idyllic world of comfort with Aerosoft footwear. There’s no stopping once you start wearing our sandals. Created with love and care, the footbed of our sandals aims to please and provide comfort. If you have ever walked with concrete hard sandals on, you’d know the relentless pain and struggle. An inappropriate footbed not only causes pain but acts as a monumental hurdle in your daily activities. The footbed of our sandals is feather-soft. Despite its sturdiness, resilience, and tough structure, the stage feels soft against the skin.

You don’t have to stress upon the comfort of your feet while you work. Just get the work done and leave the rest in your sandals. Our sandals are an exquisite combination of ethereal softness and sturdy indomitable. If you are suffering from foot pain complaints, we recommend you try Aerosoft footwear to experience serenity and comfort.